Jessica (lifeisreal) wrote,

Why is LJ not as appealing as it used to be? Damn near all of my entries are private (I update on a semi-regular basis, but no one sees it but me). Why do I have any LJ friends at all? What I post public & friends' only is trivial and/or boring. What's the purpose of this post? I have no patience. Again, this thing is random at best.

Odds & Ends
-I'm typing on a French keyboard. The "enter" key says "entree" and "ESC" key says "Echap."
-I'll be back in school by February 1st. Community college. But college, none the less.
-The post made on the 3rd, issues haven't been resolved. He's home, but the situation isn't resolved.
-I cut my hair and died it.
-I have only set one of my resolutions into motion.
-Bath & Body works had a sale. More Sweet Pea for me!
-I'm ccertifiably insane. Seriously. Someone could take me to the hospital and commit me if they wanted to. Seriously.
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